Receipt of milk:
Milk is procured locally and analysed for fat percentage, pH, and MSNF. Good quality raw materials (butter) are purchased from different suppliers and subjected to quality assessment test.

Quality check and Storage of Raw materials

Approved raw materials are then stored in hygienic, temperature-controlled storage units.


The mixed contents are then subjected to pasteurization at a temperature above 720°C for 30 minutes. Thus eliminating all biological hazards.


The contents are passed through a filter to remove harmful extraneous matters, if any.


After cooling, the mixture is stored in the storage tank at 5° - 8°C with agitation till further processing.

Flavouring &

According to the requirement, the ice cream mixture is put in the flavouring tank. Flavour and colour solution, derived from natural sources, are added and stirred well. No artificial colour or flavour is added.

Ice cream making

The flavoured mixture is then poured into the ice cream making machine.


The ice cream coming out of the machine is then filled into the containers manually and in set quantities. Dry fruits, nuts etc. are added during this process.

Cold room storage

The packed products are stored in cold storage, maintained at -14°C or below.

Quality Check

Samples are drawn from each lot to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Distribution network spreads across 1,200 dealers and distributors in Kerala and Tamil Nadu with one distributor for three dealers.